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Best Survey Websites List (Ultimate List)

Motivate paid to take online studies for cash. Sounds like everyone’s fantasy work!

No big surprise it’s so well known. With regards to profiting on the web and work from home occupations, paid overviews are generally one of the primary open doors the vast majority of us consider.

Shockingly, for many individuals, that fantasy transforms into a bad dream! Why? Paid overview tricks!

Statistical surveying is a tremendous industry ($44.35 billion to be correct,) and keeping in mind that there are genuine statistical surveying organizations that direct online overviews and really pay specialists for their support, there are additionally tricksters out there who wouldn’t fret scamming you. Tragically, many individuals do fall for these make easy money tricks.

Make certain to peruse the whole post as we additionally clarify in detail how paid overviews function, how you can spot and stay away from tricks and locate the ones that do pay.

1. MindSwarms

  • Official website: Mindswarms.com
  • Minimum to cash out: None (they send a $50 PayPal payment within 24 hours of survey completion.)
  • Pay via: PayPal

2. SurveySavvy

  • Official website: SurveySavvy.com
  • Minimum to cash out: None
  • Pay via: Check

3. Savvy Connect

  • Official website: SavvyConnect
  • Minimum to cash out: None
  • Pay via: Check

4. PineCone Research

  • Official website: PineConeResearch.com
  • Minimum to cash out: $3
  • Pay via: Check, Direct deposit to Visa gift cards

5. Parent Speak: Survey site for Parents

6. KidzEyes: Survey site for kids 6 to 12

  • Official website: Kidzeyes.com
  • Minimum to cash out: $10
  • Pay via: PayPal, Check

7. TeensEyes: Survey site for teens 13 to 18

  • Official website: Teenseyes.com
  • Minimum to cash out: $10
  • Pay via: Check

8. Nielsen Digital Voice Research Panel

  • Official website: NielsenDigitalVoice
  • Minimum to cash out: None
  • Pay via: $10,000 monthly sweepstakes entry

9. MySurvey

  • Official website: Mysurvey.com
  • Minimum to cash out: $10
  • Pay via: PayPal, Gift cards

10. Global Test Market

  • Official website: Globaltestmarket.com
  • Minimum to cash out: 1100 points ($50)
  • Pay via: PayPal, Gift cards, Charity donations

11. Valued Opinions

  • Official website: ValuedOpinions.com
  • Minimum to cash out: $20
  • Pay via: Amazon gift cards (instant)

12. VIP Voice (formerly NPDOR)

  • Official website: Vipvoice.com
  • Minimum to cash out: None
  • Pay via: Sweepstakes (cash and other prizes)

13. Survey site for Gamers: Microsoft Playtest

14. Ipsos I-Say

  • Official website: iPsosisay
  • Minimum to cash out: 500 points
  • Pay via: PayPal, Visa gift card, Store gift cards

15. Toluna

  • Official website: Toluna.com
  • Minimum to cash out: 50 points
  • Pay via: Gift cards, Prizes

16. Harris Poll Online

  • Official website: HarrisPoll.com
  • Minimum to cash out: 1250 points ($10)
  • Pay via: e-Gift cards (instant)

17. iPoll

  • Official website: ipoll.com
  • Minimum to cash out: $25
  • Pay via: PayPal, Amazon.com e-vouchers, iTunes gift cards

18. Opinion Outpost

  • Official website: OpinionOutpost.com
  • Minimum to cash out: 50 points ($5)
  • Pay via: PayPal, Amazon gift cards, iTunes vouchers

19. Swagbucks

  • Official website: Swagbucks.com
  • Minimum to cash out: $1
  • Pay via: PayPal, Gift Cards

20. InboxDollars

21. SurveySpot

  • Official website: SurveySpot.com
  • Minimum to cash out: $5
  • Pay via: PayPal, Amazon gift card, iTunes codes, Airline Miles

22. NiceQuest

  • Official website: https://www.nicequest.com/us
  • Minimum to cash out: $5
  • Pay via: Merchandise, Store Gift Cards, Movie vouchers, Restaurant gift cards, Donations to charity, Sweepstakes entries

23.  Institute for Online Consumer Studies

24.  Datatelligence Online

25. Mindspay

26. FusionCash

27. Engage Studies Consumer Panel

28. Engage Studies Healthcare Panel

29. ESearch

30. HCD Surveys

31. Panda Research

32. Consumer Village

33. Directive Analytics Panel

34. Vindale Research

35. ePoll

36. CashCrate

37. National Consumer Panel

38. My Opinion Now

39. Mindspay

40. YouGov

41. Paid Viewpoint

42. Springboard America

43. ACOP (American Consumer Opinion Panel)

  • Official website: http://www.acop.com/
  • Minimum to cash out: 1000 Points
  • Pay via: PayPal, Hyperwallet

44. Crowdology

  • Official website: https://crowdology.com/
  • Minimum to cash out: $8 for PayPal and $10 for Amazon
  • Pay via: PayPal, Amazon Gift cards

45. One Opinion

46. PanelPolls

47. Kids Opinions

48. Legerweb

49. Clear Voice

With that in mind, here are more legitimate survey sites you can use to make money online:

  1. ClickPerks
  2. Opinion Bureau
  3. iSurveyWorld
  4. MyPoints
  5. OpinionWorld
  6. Grab Points
  7. SurveyRewards
  8. Resonance Research
  9. SpiderMetrix
  10. Hagen Sinclair
  11. Darwin’s Data
  12. Quest Mindshare
  13. Tellwut
  14. Palm Research
  15. Knowledge Panel
  16. MediaInsiders
  17. Center for the Decision Sciences
  18. CVS Advisor
  19. Small Business Knowledge Center
  20. Medical Advisory Board
  21. Scarborough Surveys
  22. Global Survey Group
  23. 20/20 Panel
  24. My View
  25. Permission Research
  26. ZoomPanel
  27. Opinion Square
  28. Univox Community
  29. Test Spin
  30. MobileXpression
  31. HotSpex
  32. MySoapBox (Previously ClickIQ)
  33. Springboard America

Please be sure to share this post and bookmark it so you can check back often as I will be expanding this list with even more paying surveys.

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