Web Developer. Digital Marketer. Writer.

Muntasir Mahdi

My basic profile


I work with clients from all over the world. I had worked with and serving over 150+ clients and 40+ companies across 4 countries with over 97% satisfaction rate achieved.

My focus

I claim that the quality of service assessment involves controlling and managing resources by setting priorities for specific types of clients and projects on the system.

My skills

I focus on creating creative, original, and conceptual works for digital marketing sectors, organizations, personal brands and networks as well as online visual companies. Through constant learning and improving, my works excel in development, writing & marketing.
Digital Marketing 90%
Entrepreneurship Development 85%
Web Development 90%
Writing 95%

I'm always ready for challenges.

Digital Marketing
More than 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing.
Web Development
More than 3.5 years of experience in Web Development.
Article Writing
More than 5 years of experience in Article Writing.
Brand Building
More than 3 years of experience in Brand Building.
Business Consultancy
More than 4 years of experience in Business Consultancy.

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