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I don’t keep a running score, but between posts for my personal and client site plus my columns on other respected sites like YouthCarnival, Medium, and BanglaHub, I create around 200+ articles a year. Managing this effectively isn’t easy. If I simply wrote what I wanted, when I wanted, I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in right now.

Strategy plays a huge part in what I do. And research shows it’s the same for enterprises – if you don’t have a strategy, your content marketing efforts won’t be as effective as they could be.

With my strategy, I need to ensure that I:

Create the right content for the audience or publication in question

Distribute my time fairly between publications and projects

Promote content properly

Meet goals and adjust them accordingly


Let’s not beat around the bush here. Any business in any industry that wants to rank on Google needs content floating all around the internet. This content needs to be relevant and engaging to their industry and audience, in order to achieve the end goal. You need high-quality articles to improve your online presence.

Google always wants super high-quality content that inspires people in your niche to like, engage with, and share with their own network. That way it’s sees you as an authority on the subject of your content and ranks you accordingly.

However, very few businesses have the resources or time available to spend pumping out articles, as well as getting on with the daily running off your business. And without a background in writing themselves, it’s unlikely they’ll have the skill-set to deliver the exceptional content Google expects.

That’s where content writers; like me, come in. To write valuable and high-quality articles that your targeted audience finds useful. That answer their questions. And stands out in a busy marketing landscape. Oh, and deliver on those outstanding pieces of content that excites Google to rank you higher.

Choosing a high-quality writing service for your website translates to making a significant difference to your marketing strategy. In fact, content is the most important ranking factor for Google and without search engine rankings how would potential clients find you?

Here’s the thing. There are probably a million content writing agencies out there that would deliver on what you need and do a good job at that. And, hey! That’s fantastic. I’m not going to waste your time with nonsense around how i’m better than every other content team out there. Newsflash, i’m not. But i do know what i am doing. And i am exceptional at delivering on it.




Some points you need to understand before you give me the job:


I can actually write. Like, pretty damn well. Several of my articles have been shared in the 5000+ times and numerous of these have gone viral. You can read one of these bad boys from here. Viral articles are what SEO dreams are made of. My team have also been hand-chosen to deliver on these same expectations and are excellent writers in their own right.

My team will always fully leverage the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) into each article. My professional high-quality articles include the use of advanced SEO tools. The article you receive has the best combination of organically placed keywords in it, including focus (primary) keywords as well as long-tail visitor one’s as well.

Price is always discussed upfront with no hidden surprises. My pricing is extremely competitive and the packages i’ve put together are designed to fit within your budget, no matter what it is.

Guaranteed Quality – My article’s go through an intense research and editing process to ensure they are always of the highest quality. In fact, i take pride in creating content for major reputable publications including high authority sites, famous blogs, online magazines and more.

There are no guarantees with SEO because i have no say over what Google does. However, i do guarantee my work. After discussing the brief with you, i provide you the first draft which you have one set of changes. If you’re still unhappy with the content i’ll write you a new piece from scratch with another one set of draft.

Constant Communication – i live on the premise of understanding and delivering on your requirements as clearly as possible. I will make sure to inform you of all progress, answer any questions and update you on any changes. Communication is, after all, a key to successful work and ongoing collaboration.



The thing is, i’m upfront with everything. You can read my articles from all over the internet, Just Write My Name on Google and You’ll find it! I work to brief’s from my clients and write to their specifications. But that doesn’t mean you have to like my style. That’s perfectly cool. Not everyone thinks i’m the shit either. If my style is not for you, then that’s all good. Let’s not lose any sleep over it.

If you are looking for articles where i SEO the shit out of it for you, to help you with your Google rankings, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m a writer and my team are writers who are more than just that, but real digital enthusiasts who know what it takes for an article to be SEO effective and valuable for every reader.


Gimme a Chance! Will you?


Here are some packages i created for you, so that you can easily choose one:



Free Trial



Bangla Pack One



700 -1000 Word


No Keyword Research

Delivary Within 3 Days

Bangla Pack Two



1000 - 1500 Word

SEO Optimized

Keyword Optimized

Delivary Within 2 Days

English Pack One



700 - 1000 Word


No Keyword Research

Delivary Within 3 Days

English Pack Two



1000 - 2000 Word

SEO Optimized

Keyword Optimized

Delivary Within 2 Days