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Start a Blog and Earn Money


I created my first blog in 2014 with zero computer experience.

It took forever because I had to google my way through. But you are not doomed to the same fate!

Here is a how-to guide provides step-by-step instructions in an easy-to-follow format.

What is a blog?

A blog is a gathering of posts (articles). The most current ones are at the top.

A blog can be its own site or part of a normal site.

Why create a blog?

Here are some well known reasons:

Make cash telecommuting. I make a full-time salary by blogging. Numerous bloggers do likewise. Blogging isn’t simple, yet generally safe and low overhead make it an extraordinary chance. Here is an article of best bloggers in the world and the richest bloggers in the world too.

Become a distributed content creator. Its a well known fact, distributors need to work with creators who have an online presence. The reason is basic: it’s significantly simpler to offer books (marketing books) to individuals who definitely know you. A blog is an ideal method to end up known.

Help your business or association. A blog enables existing organizations and associations to get more presentation and arrive at many individuals at little cost.

Simply write. If you need to write, share your story or energize others, a blog is an incredible spot to do that.

A blog is an online home that can lead you to claim and be controlled. Don not place your image or notoriety in the hands of others (like social media).

What amount does a blog cost?

Under 5000-10000 Taka along with your choices.

Here is an Article you can read to be sure about how to start blogging and earn money from it!
Want to know Everything About Blogging? Read it: GUIDES, REVIEWS, AND INSIGHTS FOR SERIOUS BLOGGERS.
You want to create a blog but you don’t know how to write a Blog Post? Here are two solutions. You can either learn, how to write a blog post otherwise you can buy high quality seo optimized blog articles.

So, do you want to earn money like the richest bloggers (because i fu*#king do!) by blogging on your own blog site?

If your answer is YES, then do as i say! You’ll be a blogger and you can earn money too!

Let’s be clear about what you’ll get from me in a blog site. Okay?

My created blog is extremely easy to update and maintain and includes all the best features of a blog, fully branded and customized for you. It’ll be safe and secure. The Blog is ideal for start-ups and small business alike who have something to say about their industry or their market. Businesses who actively want to promote their expertise and experience in their field.

You’ll get,

Free high quality domain name

Free 1GB hosting

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Unlimited Pages

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Spam protection

Mobile friendly

Social sharing buttons

Social media integration

Additional pages


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5000 Organic Visitor

And More…

So, what will be the price of this blog website package?

Let’s talk secretly, because maybe (JUST Maybe!) for you, it can be FREE!

So, what are you waiting for?

Do you want to earn money by blogging?

If you want to earn money and be a brand by blogging, give me a text from below!

I’ll be waiting man!

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