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Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world, with more than 2.41 billion active users monthly. It’s no wonder you want to use it to build brand awareness and grow your audience.

The problem is, so does everyone else!

To get noticed, you need to roll up your sleeves and promote that baby like you mean it.

No, this isn’t about plastering ads everywhere. Instead, it’s about engaging with others to encourage them to engage with you. (You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours!)

It’s about genuinely wanting to connect with your audience.

If you’re already swimming in that mindset, I’m ready to give you a way to promote your facebook business page in the right way!

These are proven ways to promote your Facebook page, both on and off the original social media network.

Why Promoting on the Facebook Timeline is Good?

So what you can do when running a promotion on your timeline and why can it be a good option?

The new terms of service and the accompanying FAQ they have put together are pretty clear about what you can do:

You don’t HAVE to use a third party app anymore to run a promotion on your page (you still can, but it is not mandatory)

If you run your promotion directly on your page, entries to the promotion can be made by either posting on the page, liking or commenting a page post, or messaging the page.

If you have a small audience and want to offer a prize, it’s now super simple:

Post to your page that people may just “post” or “message” the page or “like” or “comment” a post of the page

Tell them you’ll pick a winner among the ones who have done so

Super fast, super easy and free!

You can even pay for ads and get the concerned post displayed to more people than your usual organic reach (between 5 and 50% of your fans). The ad part is probably the main motivation for Facebook to change its rules by the way, but that’s a different story.

What do you need to promote your Facebook Page?

If you want to reach an extended audience beyond people who like your Page, you can promote your Page.

Get your business to a larger audience!

When you promote your Page, you select the audience that you want to see it. Choose people who like your Page, extend it to their friends or even select a new audience.

Set your budget!

You’re in control of how much you spend on promotion – I’ll never charge more than the budget that you select. The budget that you select is the Per Month price of promoting your page. Depending on the audience and budget that you choose, you may or may not reach the maximum amount of your budget each day.

What kinds of posts should you boost?

Posting on your Facebook Page is a great way to let your customers and fans know what your Facebook Page is doing.

Whether it’s content related to your industry or updates on what your business is doing, stay in touch with your audience with Facebook posts. Use short, fun-to-read copy and eye-catching images to get attention. You can even schedule your posts to save time.

When your post is published, you can bring more attention to it by pinning it to your Page or embedding it in your website. When you pin a post, it will remain at the top of your Page so it’s the first thing people will see. Embedding a post means it will appear on your website.

Use posts to make special offers to your customers, invite them to events or share the moment with a live video.


Which promotion is right for your business?

Facebook offers plenty of advertising platforms and objectives, but the promotions can be done easily and directly from your Page.

Promoting a Page is a quick way to reach people who are interested in your content or people who are interested in businesses like yours.

Drive the conversions that matter to your Page through customised call-to-action buttons that promote your Page objectives, such as allowing visitors to book appointments or make purchases, or leading them to your website.

Promote your website to increase traffic, or drive customers to specific products, events or price listings on your website.



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