Do you want a News Portal Website or Magazine?


An online news portal is the online version of a newspaper, either as a stand-alone publication or as the online version of a printed periodical. Most of the news and magazine industries are going online by developing and designing online news portal services and introducing e-papers. In the future, while the technology is growing in a super speed, without a strong online presence newspapers and magazines will definitely struggle to exist. The best way is to change, change with time.


Bangladesh is one of the countries in the world with approximately 160 million people and its experiencing a great boom in the growth of online news portals in the recent past due to the development of wireless communication technologies. The seemingly ease of online content production has been an integral perspective leading to the mushrooming of online news portals all over the country burgeoning a culture of substandard journalism.



With our insatiable thirst for information, news agencies are booming, mostly online. While some are really good and indeed reliable source of information, the other online news portals are just sub-par, but somehow those are much more popular. And that’s because starting an online news portal is now easier than ever with the right steps taken. Even you can open up one such news portal from the comfort of your own room. By developing a news portal website you can create a strong online presence without spending too much.



So why would you go to the trouble of making a news portal? There are a few reasons:

Make money from home. A news portal can be quite lucrative if done correctly. The top news portals in the world obviously earn quite a bit, but even a part-time news portal can expect to make a nice profit if things are done correctly. The best part about it is that news portal is a form of passive income, since you can spend just a few hours a week writing news post and then continue to make money from it long after the post is written. 

Recognition for yourself or your business. No, you probably won’t have paparazzi following you around because of your latest news post. But a successful news can gain you a ton of recognition in your respective field. Many news writers are known as experts just because of their news portals, and some have even gotten book and movie deals based on their news portals.

The good news is that the internet is exploding with growth right now. More people than ever are online. This explosion in growth means more potential readers for your news portals. In short, if you are thinking about starting a news portal then there is no better time than right now.

So, just how do you start a news portal?



How to Start a News Portal in 6 Steps


Pick a news portal name. Choose something descriptive.

Get your news portal online. Register your news portal and get hosting.

Customize your news portal. Choose a template and tweak it.

Write & publish your first news. The fun part!

Promote your news portal. Get more people to read your news portal.

Make money writing news. Choose from several options to monetize your news portal.


Let’s start your news portal!


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